Get Graphic – New Facility Nearing Completion, Announces Continued Operations At Current Location.

Despite numerous construction delays, Get Graphic’s new commercial / industrial production facility is nearing completion. The current target for occupancy is 2/28/24, which is about 60 days behind our original schedule.

Get Graphic is happy to announce that we will continue to serve our local clientele from our current location up until, and also after completion of the new facility.

Effective 1/1/24 we will begin to transition all operations at the Backus Ave. location to our sister company, Graphic Ninja, which was established in 2016 as the installation side of our operations. Over the years Graphic Ninja has slowly merged into the production side of our business model as well, and has gone so far as to appear on all company invoices and customer facing signage, co-branded along side Get Graphic for the last several years.

On 1/1/24 Graphic Ninja will transition to the full service print marketing provider, for the retail customer facing portion of our business. Graphic Ninja will offer the same great customer service and extensive line of products that Get Graphic has offered historically. We will house the same great staff, management, and operations team that our customers have gotten to know over the last 10 years at this location, and our phone number and contact email will remain intact.

This split will allow the Get Graphic brand to target the commercial and industrial side of our operations with targeted marketing, and without sending mixed messages or confusing either segment of our clientele.

Our website and online presence has already been updated, and the rebranded version of our existing website can be found at: www.GraphicNinja.Net

For the immediate future, our existing domain for Get Graphic will forward to Graphic Ninja, & we will launch a new website for Get Graphic on 1/1/24 which can be found at: This will officially launch our new strtategy, focus, and direction for Get Graphic as we begin our transition into the new facility in Q1 2024.

Thank you for supporting us at Get Graphic for the last 13 years. We look forward to serving you locally as Graphic Ninja as we move into the future together, while transitioning Get Graphic into a National Branding firm, that focuses on large projects across multiple geographic locations.

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