Get Graphic & Chad Munroe have been announced as one of the 7 Inductees into the “Class of 2017” by Masters Of Branding

Get Graphic & Chad Munroe have been announced as one of the 7 inductees into the “Class of 2017” by Masters Of Branding. This elite group is a very concentrated collection of approximately 50 of the best and most recognized installers in the world. Think of it as the US Olympic team or the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame for graphics installation. A very small contingent of only the absolute best and most decorated in the industry.

After several years installing wraps but never enjoying them, Chad first learned of this group a few years ago while taking his first actual class on Auto Wrap installation. That’s when he also learned of its exclusivity as well as the skill set and accomplishment required to be considered for acceptance. That day he made it a personal goal to climb to the top of the industry & one day be inducted into this elite group. Once that goal was set, his attitude & focus on graphics installation as a part of our business model at Get Graphic totally changed.

The last couple years have been a whirlwind of growth & development with a direct focus on being the absolute best source for auto wraps and graphics installation in our area. Today with this announcement, We’re proud to say Chad’s goal has been achieved. We can now proudly state that not only are we the best in our area with the credentials to back it up, we are also recognized in the top tier for graphics installation companies in the world.

We will continue to work tirelessly every day to make Get Graphic the absolute best in all aspects of what we do. We will continue to stay in the forefront and lead the way with cutting edge ideas, products, and installation methods. This achievement will only help us continue that approach both immediately and in the future. #MoB #GetGraphic #GangstersOfWrap

The following link will take you to the announcement made by Masters of Branding:

Masters of Branding is excited and incredibly proud to announce our newest members, ‘the Class of 2017’. Chad Munroe Stephen Short Narayan Andrews Sam J Carlino Rafał Żmuda NGomes SecondSkin and Zoet Carbon Authority. These 7 highly skilled, internationally recognized, individuals have proven themselves time and again as trusted and talented trend-setters within the graphics installation/vehicle wrap industry. With numerous certifications, endorsements among them- Avery Certified Trainer, 3M Authorized Graphics Trainers, 3M Certified, 3M Preferred, Knifeless Endorsed, Dinoc Endorsed, Avery CWI, Ceramic Pro (to name a few) – we couldn’t ask for a better bunch of industry leaders to strengthen our group. We pride ourselves on being the industries most endorsed / certified organization of tried and tested installers, able to tackle any graphics application needs, but we’re also a tight knit brotherhood (with one little sister). Welcome aboard and thank you for choosing to be part of the MoB family! 3M Graphics Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions – North America The Wrap Promoter #MoB

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